Trouble Ahead – Three Strategies for the 2014 Crunch

Ever since the ancient philosophers, people have complained about tough modern times. It always seems as if the time we live in is the toughest, the future the most uncertain, the past a better place. The truth is that times are almost always quite good, but only for those who keep up with change.

The coming year is a perfect example. Everyone expects 2014 to be a miserable year economically, in part because of bad governance by Congress, but 2014 will also be the year in which some people thrive. These will be the people who understand that great pressures cause great changes, and who are able to see ahead and surf the waves of change rather than being drowned by them.

Our company is lucky to work with some of the best change leaders in the world – people like Toyota. Pfizer, NOAA and the FDA. Here, in three dot points, is their distilled wisdom on how to shape the coming economic changes of 2014 into success and abundance for you and your workplace.

  1. Whether you are in business or government, if you are affected by sequestration, remember that at worst, 90% of the Government’s work will continue. Sharpen, align and adjust your brand message to ensure that you are in the 90% that continues and not in the 10% that is seen as dispensable.
  2. Be brutally honest about what you do better than anyone else, and strive to excel at just that. There will be much less room for mediocrity in 2014, but there is always room at the top.
  3. Look for new opportunity. Bad storms bring good fishing. The very pressures and changes in the 2014 economy that most see as disastrous will generate whole new business sectors and industries. Surround yourself with bright young people and a few wise old heads and look for brand new, hitherto unseen, emerging change and opportunity every day.

If you are wondering how to maximize teaming opportunity, give me a call on 202 257 5593. We aren’t consultants, so all advice is free.

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