The JumpStart Program

The Jumpstart typically runs from morning on Day One – a Monday, say – to late afternoon on Day One, also a Monday in this example. We usually recommend a choice of venues and ask that you select one, but we can also use a venue of your choice as long as it is suitable. This is always a day session, with no overnights. Given the short length of the program, the venue needs to be close by, and we will find you an adequate location at the best available cost.

What you can expect

  1. A fair understanding of key team and interpersonal dynamics in the group
  2. Major progress against one selected workplace outcome wanted for the team
  3. Short, medium and usually long-term productivity benefit for the team
  4. A look at follow-up options on issues of interest
  5. Two Team Dashboard™ measurements – one before the program and one some two to four weeks later at work
  6. An estimated 20% to 30% increase in productivity

Details and Cost

This is a one day program at an agreed-upon venue.

If you request it, we will arrange lunch and morning/afternoon break supplies UNLESS you ask us to quote without food (some Government clients may require this).

All documentation of the proceedings, tabulation of results, professional opinion, written analysis, and reporting. images, forwarding of same to the client, custom-designed trophy and mementos for the team is/are included.

One follow-up is included – we will follow up with you and the team using email, phone and – where practical – a site visit.

Maximum program size is 100 people (we will use multiple facilitators for groups over 20-30) but more can be booked by arrangement. The largest program we have run was for 400 people.

Costs are by individual quote because of the large number of customized variables involved. As a rough estimate, for a team of 20 people and not including venue charges*, a budget of $300-400 per head should cover our costs. Please note that costs are quoted per head for your comparison purposes – we do NOT bill per head and our costs are not scalable with the number of people. Larger numbers will cost significantly less per head, smaller numbers may cost a little more per head.


Your customer service team has no performance problems, but it is time for their annual re-affirmation of their existing team values. As team chief you are tired of previous mundane approaches, and you engage Team Results to run a Jumpstart program. Feedback from this experienced group is that this was the best day’s professional development they have ever done in their lives.