Tech Sector

Many of the modern challenges for innovation in team dynamics and team productivity come from the Tech Sector. Virtual Teaming – both locally and globally – is becoming commonplace, competitors can sometimes be collaborators, and sometimes a major threat to IP, development cycles become shorter almost by the month, and the retention of bright young staff (or at least, young at heart) is a constant challenge.

Team Results has worked with Tech Sector companies since our very first involvement with Toyota’s Prius project in 1996. With a number of facilitators and a CEO who have direct involvements in the Tech Sector dating from previous careers in business and government, the Tech Sector has always been a big part of our expertise.

Team Results also has direct involvements in the Tech Sector in its own right, having exclusively developed proprietary high-end technologies for its own programs in partnership with a Tech Sector company, and also through its research partnerships with universities like UCLA that use high-end developmental technologies to help our understanding of the brain processes which underlie teamwork.

Some of our other Tech Sector clients include:

  • Agentis (developers of intelligent-agent based software)
  • Autoliv (makers of high-tech explosive bolts for airbags)
  • Cisco
  • CSC
  • Hitachi
  • IBM
  • Peter Harding & Associates (I.T. specialists for top-100 companies)
  • Pfizer drug technology areas
  • Sensis (survey and polling technologies)
  • Tattersalls (gaming technologies)
  • Thales (defense technologies)
  • Toll (global logistics technologies)
  • Toyota (technology areas additional to Prius)

We understand the Tech Sector, Tech Sector culture, and the people who work in it. We are not Tech Sector career professionals – our clients are – but these clients tell us that we get the uniqueness, the issues and the special “secret sauce” faster than anyone else. Our bestselling book, Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail, is set in large part in a Tech Sector workplace and is based on work done with the clients above.

Case studies are provided on this website. Please feel welcome to make contact with any Tech Sector-related questions.