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Anyone who claims to be an expert in all things should be looked at askance. That said because we have such a multi-qualified team and have been running our proprietary programs non-stop since 1996, we likely have an existing reference site that is closely allied to your industry.

Take a look at our client list and see if any of these have a similarity to your industry. Or if you prefer, just make contact with us – you will get a prompt, straightforward answer.

Often, prospective clients contact us from industry sectors we know nothing about. We are still the best in the world at what we do, and we are quick studies, so don’t let this distract you if Team Results seems like a good solution in other ways. You will be able to judge from our conversation and subsequent Proposal if we have listened attentively, have experience that is industry-relevant after all, and if we “get” you and your unique needs.

We are also the authors of a bestselling book, Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail. This showcases our expertise across the industry in general and is yet another part of our qualifications and track record. It should be noted that Crocodile Charlie is not self-published like many books but is a bestseller from Penguin, the largest publisher in the world.