Other Sectors - Government

Standalone agencies, statutory authorities and other purpose-built organizations sometimes have a culture, professionalization, mission or location so distinctive that they need to be treated as a special category within the government. Team Results USA has been working with government organizations, including security agencies, large and small police and other uniformed forces, regulatory authorities, agencies, offices, departments, special teams and task forces, activity areas, high-profile teams and a wide variety of other “special” areas of federal, state and local government since 1996.

We understand that unique agencies with a unique mission and culture require a unique approach, and we are known for going to extraordinary lengths to understand and “get” the uniqueness and the culture before we design our first program. Some of the more memorable efforts we have made – in partnership with government clients – to fully understand their uniqueness have included a high-speed chase of an armed suspect while with a law enforcement client, scheduling of a state cabinet meeting with a state cabinet office, an airborne rescue mission with a rescue squad and the running of a major sporting event with a security service. In many cases, our broad and deep experience with government clients gives us a dramatic edge in understanding your own special organizational culture and mission. It is quite likely that we have done comparable but not identical work before, and this allows us to focus on the differences.

Take a look at our client list and see if any of these have a similarity to your activities in government. Or if you prefer, just make contact with us – you will get a prompt, straightforward answer.

Now and again, prospective clients contact us from government sectors that are new to us. We are still the best in the world at what we do, and we are quick studies, so don’t let this distract you if Team Results seems like a good solution in other ways. You will be able to judge from our conversation and subsequent Proposal if we have listened attentively, have the experience that is relevant to you after all, and if we “get” you and your unique needs.

We are also the authors of a bestselling book, Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail. This showcases our expertise across work teams in general and is yet another part of our qualifications and track record. It should be noted that Crocodile Charlie is not self-published like many books, but is a bestseller from Penguin, the largest publisher in the world.