HR and L&D Professionals

Team Results programs are based on sound, up-to-date learning and HR principles. Unlike traditional “team building” – which is a post-WW2 idea that has little uptake or relevance in a modern workplace – and also unlike traditional classroom training which can offer high relevance but little or no behavioral change, our programs are designed around double-loop learning principles (Senge, 1980; Argyris & Schon, 1978) and industry best-practice in measurement and follow-up (Spear and Bowen, 1999). While eschewing the faddish and the transitory, we have also made sure to incorporate the great ideas of the giants – Jung, Maslow, Piaget, Kahneman (2002 Nobel Laureate) and others – as well as the practical ideas of the most effective modernists such as Adair, Tuckman, Nash and others.

The Team Results Toolkit for HR and L&D Professionals

We have significant contributions to the literature and practice in our own right as well. Best-selling team productivity work Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail was written by our CEO John Kolm and his retired business partner Peter Ring. The globally-used “Four Steps Plus One” model, the Feedback Triangle and the concept of conscious and deliberate action all originate from this book.

We also collaborate actively with universities and other thought leaders to push the boundaries of knowledge in team dynamics and productivity improvement. Two significant such collaborations have been the delivery at Johns Hopkins University of a paper on chaos theory and self-organizing behaviors in corporate teams, Extinction at the Corporate K-T Boundary (Kolm, 2012) and a partnership with the Faculty of Medicine at UCLA to jointly research optimization strategies for work team productivity improvement based on electrophysiological measurement of cognitive phase changes in the brain.

None of this is overtly evident to clients and participants outside the confines of our own professional circles and our HR and L&D professional colleagues, and none of it should be. The test of a Team Results program is its effectiveness and measured productivity improvements in the workplace. It is only because our programs are so effective that the theory is of interest. However, for HR and L&D professionals we want to emphasize the points of connection between our remarkably successful programs, the great ideas in psychology, and the latest substantive thinking in team productivity and team dynamics.

Further references can be obtained from the sources mentioned, from Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail and from Extinction at the Corporate K-T Boundary inter alia.

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