Government Projects

Government is teamwork. Here are some common examples, all taken from government clients, of performance outcomes our programs have achieved in the past.

  • Driving the uptake of a new policy, procedures, regulatory environments and initiatives and of the structural, personnel and cultural changes needed to deliver them.
  • Accelerating the pace of change or uptake needed for new government initiatives when timelines are tight and you have to be sure that deadlines are met.
  • Optimizing outreach to new or non-traditional agency relationships that support new ways of doing business in the short, medium or long term.
  • Preserving, communicating, delivering and “cloning” high-performing organizational culture so as to ensure continued high performance.
  • Optimizing and recalibrating relationships between work areas and department.
  • Onboarding new senior leaders – or existing leaders in new roles – so as to promulgate the leadership vision and re-tune the team or organization as fast as possible.
  • Focusing on specific team and leadership skills identified – either locally or as part of a wider initiative – as gaps or areas of emphasis for leaders at all levels from junior supervisor to Senior Service.
  • Delivering elite results with any fast-track, leadership skills or other staff development program within your agency.
  • Pre-deployment preparation for deployments or away-from-home assigned duties of any kind, civilian, military or law enforcement/regulatory, locally or overseas.
  • Addressing and resolving sensitive, persistent or difficult staff, cultural, work-area and other issues which have proven complicated or awkward to resolve in the past.

Working across Government since 1996 has allowed us to gain relevant expertise in most Departments and most areas of activity. Government employees are the experts on what they do, but the environment is complex, nuanced and takes years to understand. Team Results has made that investment every day since 1996.

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