Finance and Administration

In our experience, Finance and Administration areas are exposed to greater pressures than most other parts of the organization. As internal service providers, they cope with all the internal dynamics and demands of their organization, while also being exposed to the external pressures which affects everyone else. For external service providers in Finance and Administration – contractors or stand-alone businesses offering relevant services – the pressures are comparable. A good Finance or Administrative professional is part professional adviser, part task-performer, part project manager and part psychologist.

Team Results “gets” Finance and Administrative professionals. Most of our facilitators have worked in, or closely with, Finance and Administrative areas for much of their careers. To the outsider – and to people who do not have a track record and deep understanding of the work – these areas can seem straightforward, but in fact, internal service provision (Finance, Admin, I.T., Asset management and other functions) is one of the most demanding roles in the workforce.

Team Results’ first Finance and Administration client in 1997 was the share registry office of a major exchange broker, during one of the biggest shares floats in the exchange’s history. We have worked regularly with Finance and Administration clients ever since.

Other Finance and Administration clients of Team Results include:

  • The CPA organization
  • Dow Jones
  • Ford Finance
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Ord Minnett
  • Pfizer Global Financial Services
  • Phillips Insurance Brokers
  • Sensis
  • Stanley (Finance dept)
  • Toyota (Finance and Admin)
  • Westpac Bank
  • Wolf Trap (Finance and Admin)


Working well with Finance and Administration areas is all about corridor credibility. We are not Finance and Administration professionals ourselves, but clients in these areas tell us that we understand their realities and are able to become effective with their unique team dynamics and productivity issues faster than any other provider. Our bestselling book on team productivity, Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail, includes Finance and Administrative areas specifically. Many of the white papers and academic collaborations we have sponsored as thought and practice leaders are also directly relevant to Finance and Administration workplaces.

Case studies are provided on this website. Please feel welcome to make contact with any Finance- or Administration-industry related questions.