Crocodile Charlie’s

Take the Crocodile Charlie Challenge.Can you make the right leadership decisions and get your performance bonus?

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You have just been appointed as a Division Director at Kingmore Designs, Crocodile Charlie's company. Your Division does routine Admin tasks.

You have fifteen staff. The CEO has given you six months to raise their team productivity from a low 30 percent to a target of 80 percent. If you can do this, you'll get your performance bonus.

You have been there a week and are ready to make some decisions.

Boss, which one of the following do you want to do with the team this month?

1)  Fire or transfer your least efficient staffer
2)  Call in the consultants
3)  Do a traditional teambuild
4)  Go and have some fun
5)  Send them on a training course
6)  Do a Team Results clinic
7)  Do nothing this month

Based on our global Penguin bestseller “Crocodile” Charlie Kingmore has an urgent need to find the secret to unified teams, productive people, and human happiness at work. So he embarks on a quest. It’s that or gives up on his dreams for his own success. If you work for a living, work with other people, or ever need to inspire and lead those around you, then Charlie’s journey for the answer can be your journey, too. Join authors John Kolm and Peter Ring, two of the world’s leading practitioners in productivity improvement, on Crocodile Charlie’s six-month quest around Australia to find real results. Share in the expertise of industry leaders such as Toyota, Alcoa, Pfizer, Cisco, Michelin, IBM, Hitachi, the Food and Drug Administration, and the State Department — all clients of John and Peter’s company Team Results USA and the basis of Charlie’s adventures. If you have tried all the mundane approaches and are still looking for something more, maybe it’s time you discovered…The Holy Grail.