By Methodology

While every program is tailored to your unique needs, our overall methodology has been time-tested with hundreds of industry and government clients – and thousands of participants – since 1996. You can place your trust in the Team Results process, knowing that success is assured.

Team results provides a detailed report and results analysis to each of our clients

Step One - Attentive listening

The first step in our methodology is that we listen attentively to you, either in person or by phone. The result will be a tailored proposal describing exactly the program we have agreed on and which our expertise says will work best in your situation. Until and unless you accept our proposal, you are committed to nothing, and all advice is free. We do not have salespeople or sales scripts, and the person talking to you will be the facilitator who will deliver your program.

improve team results methodology
improve team results methodology

Step Two - Program design

Next, we will design your program. Our number is 1-301-5000-4TR because we have over 5,000 different program designs we can use to make an exact fit with your unique needs. All 5,000-plus designs are proprietary, and none of your people will have ever seen them before. If none of our many designs is quite right for you, we’ll design something new from our 8,000-plus reservoir of components and ideas.

Step Three - First measurement

After that, it’s time to meet the team, either in person or – if that’s impractical – then by phone or online, all of which we have done many times before. They will have a chance to decide if their facilitator is credible, and at the same time, we’ll do our first productivity benchmark measurement with our proprietary Team Dashboard™ instrument.

improve team results methodology
improve team results methodology

Step Four - Program design

Then it’s game time. We will run the program you booked, at the location, and for the duration we selected in partnership with you in Step One. You will hit all the productivity goals we agreed on, and you’ll be delighted with the work relevance and immediate practical usefulness of the results. Your people will also have an experience they will remember with happiness for the rest of their working lives. As well, we’ll do another Team Dashboard™ measurement. Every program will provide teams with a chance to:

  • Do a job together
  • Reflect and fine-tune
  • Reality-test conclusions on another job together
  • Reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and fine-tune further
  • And then do one final road test of the new skills prior to using them at work.

Step Five - Follow-up and third measurement

Finally, follow-up. The best program in the world has limited value without follow-up, and without real measurement of the results back at work, there is no science and no business case, just “trainertainment”. Follow-up with the team can be done in person, by phone or online, as for the first team meeting in Step Three. We’ll do another Team Dashboard™ measurement, follow up one-on-one with you as the key client, and produce a written follow-up and productivity measurement report which you can keep, share, or integrate into your own business measurement and reporting. All follow-up is included in our fees – there are no hidden extras.

What to expect after Step Five

Team Results is still following up with some clients 14 years after their first program with us. Their vivid memories of the original program, and their daily use of the practical outcomes to benefit their organizations and their own careers in the present day, are amazing to see. Many clients have personally done ten or more programs with us – all different – as they have been promoted and redeployed, taking their new work teams on a Team Results program with each fresh assignment.

We also have “Top Gun” clients who book the whole series of programs with us, over a period of years, designed with an overall strategic plan and broad organizational goals. Examples include Pfizer, Toyota, the State Department and the National Park Service. Some of these “Top Gun” clients have handed us the team and leadership section of their staff induction or fast-track programs, others are driving organizational change, and still others are simply seeking to retain their industry-leading status. These programs, under the close supervision of the people in charge, have transformed whole organizations.

You will increase your team productivity by 20-60%.
Let us show you how.